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Financial Reporting Budgets, 

& Metrics

Innovative strategies, budgeting, financial reporting, and strategic planning creates a business roadmap to maintain stability and achieve growth. For continuous improvement, it is necessary to adjust strategies, financial modeling and forecasting, but also invest in staff and technology to support new processes. It is not only important to track key milestones and timelines to reassess your business and strategic plans, but also use metrics designed around your company’s vision and business needs.


CFOs need to bridge the gap between day-to-day operations and the company’s strategic direction and communicate business performance and issues to the board of Directors. Regularly adjust strategies, forecasts, models, and metrics.

Achieving growth and business improvements require adjusting strategies, modeling, and forecasting. We can help your company with business modeling, forecasting and metrics with the following CFO services:

★ Business plans & pitch decks 

★ Financial reporting, IFRS & MD&A

★ Budgets, forecasts, strategic plan, & operational plans

★ Financial modeling & business modeling

★ Metrics development & KPI's

★ Board of Director & Audit Finance Committee presentations

★ Strategic financial planning & IFRS reporting

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