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Capital Raising
with Debt &
Equity Financing

Key CFO roles are to help companies raise capital by issuing equity capital, by borrowing, or from net earning from operations. Raising capital is a key skill for business leaders, regardless of company size or maturity. Experienced CFOs bring unmatched level of reputation and sophistication to your company in the capital raising process. The CFO brings a fluency with numbers and improves the credibility of the company financial projection and executives as they distill the vision and strategies to investors and finalize the deal.

At a high level, debt can provide more flexibility, less dilution, and faster access to capital than equity, making debt the better option to finance a predictable future, such as when there’s a predictable return on debt capital, while equity is better to finance uncertainty, such as when you’re still building a product and monetization roadmap.

The right mix of debt and equity will vary with a company’s specific circumstances. Generally, though, the more debt you take on, the more accurate your prediction of the future and clearer your plans for the capital need to be, or you risk net-net losing capital in the long term to interest and fees.

It is imperative to present the appropriate financial reporting framework and speak the same financial language to bring confidence to investors and shareholder. Venture capitalists want to see how they will get a return on investment before deploying capital so they need to understand the financial past and future performance.

Capital is essential for fueling growth and financials fluency improves credibility. We can help your company with raising capital from debt and equity financing by providing the following CFO consulting services:

★ Presenting to venture capitalists, investors, bankers. directors & shareholders

★ Financing by equity capital & debt capital

Access to deep financing network

★ Liasson with Bankers

★ Valuation & due diligence coordination

★ Compliance & reporting

★ Fundraising & donations strategies

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