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Fractional CFO & Change Management Consulting Services 

Expand your horizon with PEAK CPA to achieve peak financial performance, growth, and shareholder value. We are an executive financial advisory firm specialized in Fractional CFO and Change Management consulting services for long-term fractional and full-time contract tenures. Our laser-focused financial experts worked for dozens of organizations with revenues over $1 Billion, ranging from medium to large public, private, and NPO.

Our Services

CFO & Change Management Services

Fractional Consulting Services:

Capital fuels growth & fluency with numbers improves credibility with investors & closing deals...

Evaluating companies for purchase, merger or going public strategy are complicated & time consuming processes... 

Achieving growth & business improvements requires adjusting strategies, budgets, metrics, & reporting...

Bolstering profitability, CFOs focus on strategies that involve a meticulous comprehensive approach encompassing...

Improving profitability requires controlling costs, increasing productivity & adjusting pricing strategies... 

Success requires employing structured change management to achieve results & return on investment...


“Leader in financial strategy, management and oversight. I am repeatedly impressed with his ability to implement practical solutions and processes that help the organization improve effectiveness and efficiency in finance and in alignment with business objectives.”

Canon Ho 

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PEAK CPA specializes in CFO and Change Management services to provide the industry top-quality skill-set to deliver financial results, scale growth, and accelerating performance in teams. We offer fractional CFO and Change Management Consulting Service to organizations on an outsourced part time or contract basis to help them achieves peak financial performance and impact. Why choose us?


Expand your horizon with PEAK CPA. Let's discuss your specific needs so we can provide you a quote for our executive management consulting services, fractional CFO or Change Management Executive.

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