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Expand your Horizon with PEAK CPA, the executive CFO strategic advisory firm. We specialize in CFO consulting services and offer part time, interim, and project-based strategic financial expertise to help scale your high-growth company. We work in all industries and with companies ranging in size from medium emerging to Fortune 500, both privately and publicly held, with revenues up to $8 Billion.


Our Services

Executive CFO strategic advisory:

Raise Capital with Debt

& Equity Financing

Capital is essential for fueling growth. Fluency with numbers improves credibility with investors & closing deals...

Merger, Acquisition, Sale, IPO & RTO

Evaluating companies for purchase, preparing for sale or going public are complicated & time consuming processes... 

Business Modeling, Budgeting & Metrics

Achieving growth & business improvements require adjusting strategies, modeling & forecasting...

Cash Management 

& Digital


High growth brings increased complexity requiring an expansion of automated systems & additional capital...



& Risk Management

Improving profitability requires controlling costs, increasing productivity & optimizing pricing strategies...

Change Management & Staff Development

Path to success requires employing effective change management on both large & small-scale efforts...


“Leader in financial strategy, management and oversight. I am repeatedly impressed with his ability to implement practical solutions and processes that help the organization improve effectiveness and efficiency in finance and in alignment with business objectives.”

Canon Ho 

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Founding Partner & CFO

PEAK CPA specializes purely in CFO services, so we can provide  top-quality experienced CFOs with dialed-in skill sets offering the best strategic CFO executive consulting in the industry. We offer CFO services on a part time, interim, and project-basis to help scale your high growth company.

Contact us to discuss your specific CFO needs so we can provide you a quote for our services.

Daniel Hejcman, CPA, CA, PFP, B.COMM

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